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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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isa, and her two-month old and son to others. >> manny is recovering from burns and smoke. he tried to go back in to save alfonso and solomon. >> he got into everything. and he is so cute nobody got mad. and solomon was the quiet one. >> archie will bring them home as the family tries to move forward, together. >> it will take a long time to get over this. >> you can see how the community is coming together now. vigil there. l be a they want to gather and be with these members of the community and friends.
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if you are interested in helping them, go to, keyword, lorton. reporting live for abc 7 news. >> displaced residents saw the destruction of the fire in mannassas. it damaged five homes and burned three others. a grill on a back deck may be to blame. >> investigtors are looking for an armed man who eluded authorities. there was a robbery and a carjacking. one vehicle lost control and the suspect exchanged gunfire with police. two men were arrested. the search continues for a stolen burgundy avalon and third
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suspect. a construction worker got an electric shock. he was on the 4th floor when he was shocked. he wa look at the camera. the sunshine and numbers are off the charts. current temperatures around the viewing area right now. 96 in marshall and 96 in
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fairfax. 97 degrees elsewhere. temperatures set a record. 98 at reagan national. it will cool off overnight but remains warmer than average. there are changes coming this weekend and i will specify when and where we will see relief from the heat and drought. >> this late in september, it was fall football weather. >> just moments ago, someone was suffering from heat related illness. workers are trying to put together some of the infrastructure to set up for the festival this weekend here on the national mall. it is a record-breaking day of heat. it is not even summer anymore. >> the heat is repeating back up
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from the ground. >> this is another weather- related record. late in the day, the temperature hit 98 degrees, well past the old cop temperature of 19 -- of 94 back in 1919. we are only one more 90 degrees away from having the most 90 degree days in the year. folks are doing everything they can to stay clear of the sun. >> you move from one channel to another to find relief in the shade. >> my wife is tougher than i am. >> the heat, coupled with the lack of rain has put a tremendous strain on anything trying to grow of the ground. nearly 90% of virginia is cooking with drought conditions. 100% of maryland is hot.
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>> some have received so little brain in their farm in virginia that his normally red apples look like golden delicious. >> still to come, the number of people in the sea with hiv is rising. a casino will open next week and linseed lohan is headed back to jail. >> mr. cole bear went to washington -- colbert went to capitol hill. not everybody was laughing. he made for some awkward moments. we are live from northwest washington. >> it was particularly awkward for the democrats that invited him to appear. >> comedian steven colbert of
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his you need brand of truth. what i am happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to this important, complicated issue. i hope that my star power can fund this hearing all the way up to c-span. >> he spent the day picking vegetables as part of a campaign. it offers you a citizens to replace them reform workers. just seven people showed up for work. >> this brief experience gave me some small understanding of why so many -- sold you americans are clamoring to start a lover career as a migrant worker. >> he stayed in character as a blowhard news anchor. >> we need to all stop eating fruits and vegetables. he got serious when asked why he
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got -- why he chose to highlight this issue. >> the least powerful people might workers and they do not have any rights. >> some republicans blasted the appearance. " i think that he might the process -- i -- >> i think that process.d the >> his appearance was said to be appropriate and that the comedian could bring attention to an important political issue. >> he broke into homes wearing dress pants and a tie. police announced the suspect and now believe that he is responsible for a string of break-ins. we are live from the gum or county police headquarters. -- from montgomery county police headquarters. " somebody out there recognized
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him when we broadcast him a couple of days ago and now police want you to take a look at it again and see if perhaps this guy has been in your neighborhood. >> if ever there was a case of a thief caught red handed, this is it. a home security system recorded the man. you can see him ring the doorbell and then knocked in peek through the window and then eventually, it shows him awkwardly walking out of the fourth door with his loot. he was arrested wednesday at his home and because of what officers found, he is an even more trouble. >> during the execution of the search warrant, they found evidence to support the burglary that took place in howard county, but other burglaries that occurred on august 30 in montgomery county. >> he has been charged with a break-in in this home where two
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guitars were stolen for th. police in both counties are now investigating to see if he may have hit additional homes using his unusual method of operation. what he would not arouse suspicion if he went to knock on a door to see if there president was at home. if he found that no one was at home, he would break-in. >> if your home and you see someone like this that arouses suspicion, called police and lived in decide if it is something that matters. this is a good case to prove that people should always be diligent in their neighborhood. >> it turns out that a serial burglar is on the prowl in fairfax county. 28 incidents have been linked to
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the same suspect. they say that he works during overnight hours, sneaking into homes through unlocked or open doors. police remind residents not to leave bibles in the open and to keep outside lights on. >> the daylong event is in response to the death of a woman. she was beaten to death in her off-campus apartment. her boyfriend is charged in her death. >> coming up, a failed drug test since lindsay lohan back to jail. we will tell you how long >> some teenage girls are caught on camera. others were cheering them on.
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>> homeowners are fighting a losing battle. it stink bugs are in fading, but what can you do about it? >> homes and streets ar
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ove, go long! right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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>> a south florida bank heist sounds like a hollywood movie script. three men kidnapped a bank of america employee then struck the phone to him and forced him to rob a bank where he worked. the thieves left the victim behind with the device still strapped to his chest. the bomb squad defuse the device and is now questioning the employee. lindsay lohan is back in court for violating probation and failing drug tests. the hearing lasted 10 minutes. the drug reduced leniency. this is the third time in three years that the star has gone to jail with the same charge. her father was in the court room. >> she has not gotten help for addiction. she does not make the right decisions. she does not know better.
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>> the drug but the judge says that she tested positive for a drug substance and her next is hearing is scheduled for next month. >> a technical glitch lasted for four hours. facebook blamed a software flaw. the status of day, things are back to normal. the rain has stopped, but rivers continue to swell after a flash flood. homes and streets flooded. office davis' is in our in wisconsin. >> they pulled together to salvage what they could. water in gulf just about everything. >> it is almost up to the main floor. we have about 1 ft. to go. >> in parts of the midwest, the
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remnants of a tropical storm moved through the region. in minnesota, two high schools volunteer their time to the liver sandbags. >> everybody's arms are sore, but we aren't there. we got it done. >> tractors were brought in to rescue stranded residents. >> i cannot watch this ruin my house again. what do you do? >> the governors in the sun- minnesota and wisconsin have said the flooding persists. in arcadia of wisconsin, a small town of 2400 residents, waters continue to rise. >> uc the severe flooding.
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-- you can see the severe flooding. >> yesterday, more than a month worth of rain fell in 24 hours bringing floodwaters as high as 3 ft.. more rain is expected tomorrow. >> in contrast to wisconsin, we are dealing with so much dry weather. >> it looks like that will change. on monday and tuesday, we could see some fairly significant rain in.d into th you can see carroll elementary school, but skies quickly cleared out and it was in the upper 90s in the city. reports, 95t live
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degrees in cash burn. -- ashburn. there was a bit of a southerly breeze. here are the records that we have so far. 95 degrees at washington dulles. reagan national was at 98 degrees. that broke the old record set in 1970. we may see that some areas got up to 96. we were 15 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. this is about to end. a cold front will come our way and give us some relief. we are already see the numbers come down a little bit. the push will be on to get rid
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of some of this heat. as we widen out the math, you see chicago at 68 degrees in detroit at 83. we will be in the low to mid '80s tomorrow. it will be above average, but by sunday, we will change wind direction and then we will watch for rain. the brain is weakening with this system -- veery is weakening with the system. -- the rain is weakening with this system. we will keep our eyes on a couple of things. cooler air will be moving in and then we get into the day on sunday and we will get more easterly winds coming in off the atlantic. maybe some patchy light rain by sunday night for it by monday and tuesday, -- sunday night. it by monday and tuesday, we
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will funnel some luster of the east coast -- some moisture of the east coast. -- up the esat coast. and 8567 in the city elsewhere. check out the next seven days a. -- seven days. right now, we are at 60%. right now, it looks like we will give the ring out of here and see some clearing of seasonal temperatesiday of next week. >> let's get to some pretty news. justsuspicions' person was taken into custody. we have the word on what police
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say that they found. >> police are questioning a man of they call a person of interest involved in child pornography. police were summoned to the parking for roger of the national cathedral were initially questioned the man. according to reveal information, he was reportedly taking pictures of school children, are arousing suspicion. he is of the police station. the spokesman for the metropolitan police department would only say that they have a personal interest who is being questioned. the man has not been arrested but he is being questioned by police. as we learn more about this, we will tell you more about the situation.
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-- >> coming up, up, an arrest is made after two teenage girls are seen fighting, but it was of the teenagers that ended up in handcuffs. >> we are in the midst of a stink bug invasion. >> we are in the midst of a stink bug invasion. what can farmers and homeowners
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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>> we are live with more on this has used the drug problem. >> what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. they are on the outside, but they want in your house, in your car and in your personal space. the steep bugs made their way from china. our region is now officially in festive. farmers are watching profits fly away as the insects destroy corn and food crops. >> we have a pretty bad drought.
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the combination of both makes it rough. >> government approval of pesticides takes time. the insects or a nuisance for homeowners, too. >> you cannot get rid of them. >> at this model home, the weapon of choice is a duster. scientists say not to bother. it stink bugs can fly hundreds of yards and within minutes, more bugs will all rise in you will have spent time and money. homeowners should seal their windows but be careful when trying to remove the bugs. >> that is like no other small. it is terrible. >> as officials try to combat
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the bugs, seal your house the best of you can. -- that you can. we are live, 87 news. >> still to come, md. is betting on slots. we will tell you where that is. >> a world war two medal of honor recipient is laid to rest. how his life is being honored in a different way. >> shocking news about the spread of hiv in
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>> you were watching news is revenues members are struggling where it comes >> it found that hiv continues to spread rapidly in the gay community. it is for beyond an epidemic. >> in the district of columbia, hiv continues to spread among gay men.
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one in seven men who has sex with men are positive. when it comes to african- american men over 30, one in three or positive. >> i am positive. it is something that i am dealing with. it has definitely had an impact on me. >> of those that have tested positive, they say they have no idea that they were infected. a few weeks ago, in just three days, seven people turned up positive at this clinic. the recent findings are said to confirm what is seen among men that have sex with men. >> they do not know their status. >> another disturbing trend is the increase in infection rates among men aged 35 and older. some fear that their friends are tired of taking precautions. >> they are starting to let
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their guard down. people just are to get aids fatigue. >> been there is the medication that makes a jivy manageable that leads some into take risks. there is always the possibility that they will stop working. meanwhile, some are optimistic about their future but offer a warning to other gay men. >> you need to have protected sex. hiv is not something to play around with. >> the district announced that it will open up a facility at the dmv on pennsylvania avenue. if someone knows they are hiv- positive, they are much less likely to in fact someone else. >> we have learned that the major crash that caused the nightmare on i-66 this morning
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was deadly. investigators say a driver had a medical emergency, lost control of his car and hit several other cars. the total of seven cars were involved. arlington county police say that the driver died at the hospital. >> today, a world war two veteran was read to rest at arlington national cemetery. his wife traveled from washington state. we are joined with their story. >> he was never properly recognized by the military for years, but his family said that the hero never complained about it. instead, he fought for equal rights for black americans. >> for years, as his wife did not know what he accomplished. he never spoke about the war until decades later when the army if the tenant was awarded
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to the medal of honor by president clinton. he was the only living black world war two veteran to receive the military's highest honor. >> what do you think he would have said today? >> my husband would have said [inaudible] >> his actions were recognized in 1996. a steady real value when did the share was some of blacks in world war ii. they learned about his medal of honor in a phone call. he passed away in july of brain cancer at age 90. today, he was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. >> i have to leave him behind, and that is the worst. >> walking behind the medal of honor flag, three other recipients. and at the burial, his grandson
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spoke about his grandfather. >> he considered himself as someone who did his job. that was it. >> his family did not have an a family to travel to washington for his funeral, so the community raised $22,000 for them. right now, with the money left over, the baker family home is being benefited as a surprise to her family. reporting live, natasha barrett, abc's seven news. >> police stations, fire departments and other agencies are preparing. community groups in every local county or collecting on used medicine. -- on used medicine. -- unused madison.
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>> there is a baby boom taking place. this is a live look at the national zoo where a mother lion gave birth to the zoo's second litter in three weeks. the three cubs join four others that were welcomed in on august 31. you can check them out on the cubcam. >> it feels like africa, here. >> are ready to reproduce. >> let's get a look at your traffic with that in mind. >> york want to see very heavy traffic because of this area of the beltway. this has been moved out of the
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road, but your delays are bad. they start in virginia and take you all the way from tyson's corner to greenbelt's. -- to greenbelt. no problems on 66. there are no delays at this point. you are seeing some delays on the east side of the beltway. when you are coming off of the woodrow wilson bridge, you may encounter some delays. that should clear up when you get past branch ave. >> coming up, how they are trying to renovate old town alexandria. >> a bicyclist is killed on the alexandria. >> a bicyclist is killed on the site of the storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
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>> old town alexandria is easily recognized as a tourist spot or as a place to grab a nice meal. >> one woman is hoping to make old town a shopping destination. >> old town alexandria is known
5:41 pm
for its scenic sidewalks and historic sites, but not so much for a concentrated shopping area. >> it is such a quiet area -- point area -- quaint area. you can have lunch and shop and what your errands as well. >> this is elizabeth todd in her boutique. she left a demanding career in direct mail marketing to open her own store. now, she just moved into a new space, three times as big as her first and expanded to carry jewelry, sunglasses and more. >> we have been doing ok. we have been lucky. >> she is not just busy with work. she has a 1-year-old and a 3- year-old. in 2008, she got a grant from the city of alexandria and in 28
5:42 pm
area store owners matched the funds. she encourages residents to shop local and to unify small businesses in good times and bad. >> it is scary when things like an economic downturn happen. it can really hurt a small business. you try to learn from each thing and yet have to change and adjust. >> elizabeth todd says that they are now expanding their online presence with information about events and sales. >> up next, three teenage girls threw punches and it is all caught on tape. it is another that is arrested. we will tell you why. >> if you go to the hospital, and they give you a catheter, make sur
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>> hospital infections can be deadly and one another is making it her crusade to keep patients
5:46 pm
say. " she lost her daughter to hospital mistakes. what's most people do not even think about this. a very common hospital procedure that, if not done properly, can lead to infection and even death. >> she was 18 months old and she was a cute little girl. >> she lost her daughter in 2001. at the little girl had been treated for burns at john hopkins hospital, but two days before she was released, she died. >> we were shocked. we were devastated. we were with her for 24 hours. >> medical mistakes were to blame. a to routinely inserted into patients to administer fluids or medicine was infected. >> the catheter becomes a bridge connecting her from the
5:47 pm
skin to a sterile environment. more than -- >> there is a catheter available that is coated with antibiotics to kill and the bacteria and reduce infections. the mother has written a book about the experience and told patients to demand good hygiene. >> never be afraid to ask them to wash their hands before they touch you. that is where the bloodstream infections are from. >> infections that can be fatal but easily prevented. >> a catheter related blood infection can increase the cost of patient treatment by tens of thousands of dollars. medicare and medicaid have stop reimbursing, saying that such infections are preventable. >> bike safety is the focus of a
5:48 pm
special day tomorrow and claremont elementary school contributes to a child that was struck by a car last month. her classmates have been reluctant to ride their bikes to school. local bike experts and the police bike team are going to be part of the event. >> we want to give the kids and peace of mind to feel safe on their bikes. >> the event starts at 9:40 a.m. at claremont elementary. >> 8 k-9 at the airport made a shocking discovery. the 5-year-old dog sniffed out 21 lbs. of marijuana concealed in packages of chocolate. the marijuana, worth about $17,000, was on its way to new york. it is not clear who sent the
5:49 pm
packages. >> the florida mother is videotaped cheering on her daughter's during a fight. investigators say that you can hear the 39-year-old ordering her daughter not to stop. she is facing up to five years in jail. in the arrest affidavit, she admitted that what she did was wrong, but she argued that the fight was going to happen no matter what. >> a woman accused of targeting men in the military talks to 2020. >> she is the double. evil.e is the dou has to be the worst when i have ever come in contact with. >> i am not a con-woman. >> you will have to see the entire interview tonight on
5:50 pm
20/20. >> there is a lot to watch between now and then. abc seven news at 6 is just ahead. >> sitting down with the leader of iran, a former iranian hostage seat -- sends a message. what a judge says wine someone should be allowed back into the airport. we will see it in a few minutes. >> let's see if we can turn off the air conditioner this weekend. >> record-breaking heat. >> absolutely, reagan national airport is the official place for records for the actual high was 99 degrees.
5:51 pm
incredible heat out there. it will go away starting tomorrow. it looks nice if you are not out in the heat. it is a bit of a breeze. it will start to cool was down and make us more comfortable. 94 in frederick and a high of 96. 94 degrees in keystone. overnight, we will cool down considerably. look at the temperatures by morning. 65, and 67 in the city. a dry cold front will come through. we will have the lower '70s on sunday. it will turn out to be a much cooler weekend and then on monday and tuesday, a storm bring some rainfall to the mid-
5:52 pm
atlantic and we will have more moderate to heavy rain as well. that is the very latest. enjoy your weekend. >> the redskins are headed into a week where they should be doing well. >> you would hope so. it is another back to football friday. the redskins are favored by 3.5 over the rams. the redskins have to run the ball to win this weekend. the redskins will come home with a 2-1 record if they do win. the redskins are dead last in the league, but there is absolutely nothing wrong, here. >> i would not say that the running game is struggling, when you use the running game sparingly, it is hard to win.
5:53 pm
we have to keep it going with consistency. we have to execute our game plan. >> part of the puzzle is the rookie, trent williams. he practiced today for the first time in a week. he injured himself last sunday. they say he can play on sunday. mike shanahan would not commit to a player. anthony bryant filled the space last week. the washington was go to camp next week and with the nba season about to begin, they are saying there should be no warning in basketball. -- no wining in basketball.
5:54 pm
-- whining in basketball. just play the game, fellows. >> he will be kicked out one after the tip of. >> no pa
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chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit.
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too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >> after years of contentious debate, maryland will have its very first casino. >> that is right. as we report, residents are looking to win big. >> i enjoyed playing the slots at casinos. having it here in maryland may bring in some revenue. ville soon have
5:58 pm
maryland's only casino. >> we could get some significant business. >> they are putting the finishing touches on the casino that includes landscaping, and and training for the staff -- assignments and training for the staff. >> the games start at 2 cents apiece and the will to $5. >> it will be a very comfortable atmosphere. >> while some expressed concerns about gambling -- >> they could lose everything. >> the majority are in favor of it. under a plan, two-thirds of the revenue goes back to the state. it will also provide 250 jobs. >> it will mean millions of dollars going back to the state and we are happy to provide 350
5:59 pm
jobs to the local community. >> i am glad that the casinos are coming and maybe people will get off their butts. >> that is all for abc7 news at 5:00 p.m.. coming up at 6:00 p.m. -- >> please do not make me do this again. >> things were a little awkward. plus, present obama talks back to the leader of iran. >> live, and then high- definition, this is abc seven news at 6:00 p.m.. >> stephen colbert from comedy news at 6:00 p.m.. >> stephen colbert from comedy central to


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